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Posing on a ride


Bicycle culture was nothing new for those living in the northern areas of California. In the Bay area (Major cities including San Francisco, and Oakland) the road bicycle had seen much use and development. In Marin county (north of San Francisco),The Marin Cyclists were the predominant conventional racing club, consisting of an “elite” group of riders, who were opposite of the non-conformist, long haired, hippie,pot-smoking, counter culture, that was prevalent in Marin at the time (Berto, 1999). The Velo-club Tamalpais (VCT), a less conventional club, was established in 1971. After an introduction to “off road” bicycling by VCT’s members Marc Vendetti and Fred Wolf,the Mountain Bike was born. Old Schwinn bike frames, which were heavy and could stand the abuse of off road riding, in the addition to drum brakes, front and rear derailleurs, and thumb shifting gears, would make it possible for riders within the Velo-Club Tamalpais, to continue there exploration and domination of Mount Tam, through Mountain Biking.





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Marin County, CA

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