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N.O.R.B.A. abbreviated from the National Off-Road Bicycle Association has sent an open letter seeking applicants for membership. The open letter attached reads N.O.R.B.A.'s mission statement and calls for fellow off road riders to join in order to…

Colman McCarthy of Washington Post writes an editorial calling for more bicycle transportation use. He opens the editorial with then New York City Mayor Koch's failed experiment of implementing bicycle lanes and bicycle only streets due to outcry…

As Mountain Bike riding became more popular, so did the ticketing of "unsafe" riding defined by MMWD. Here is an incident report of such an occurrence by Charlie Cunningham who had been riding the same trail for 15 years at the time of the incident.…

An example of an article that demonstrates trail conflict, this time between a horse and bicyclist. Newspaper article scrapped by Wende Cragg.

An example of a letter to the editor in a local Marin county paper. Newspaper article scrapped by Wende Cragg.

An article from an unknown paper outlining the potential benefits and threats of mountain biking

Another example of the Mountain Bike trail controversy, stemming from the views apposing Mountain Bike culture, and its use in "preserved nature"

The article describes trail access tensions between bikers and MMWD. Conflicting views on bikers and hikers crash occurrence is noted by interviews from two different sides. Article provided by Wende Cragg.

As the popularity of the sport grew, so did the restrictions
placed on it by the legislators (represented by the community) of Marin County. Laws and limits began to be set in place to restrict access of the built environment of Mount Tam. Hikers…

This article addresses the concerns regarding the damage from continued use and construction of the trails on Mt. Tam. It talks about trail deconstruction that has taken place and the overall effect it has on the surrounding environment. Also…
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