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MudPup is fed up with his/her rider and finds a new rider by placing an ad on "Bike Magazine". This image is hosted on Charlie Kelly's web page. (

MudPup an anthropomorphized klunker saves the day when friends are in need! A series of MudPub comics by Kevin Coffey was published in Fat Tire Flyers. This image is hosted on Charlie Kelly's web page. (

Cartoon character Primo gets his "best" side handled by WOMBATS in a 2 by 3 comic strip. This comic strip serves a metaphor of depiction of how a female mountain bike rider is viewed by male riders who often see women only as a means of their sexual…

A comic strip created in August of 1994 feauring a young girl inspired by the racing accolades of the acclaimed mountain biker Jacquie Phelan.

From Wende Cragg: Cut-out of a newspaper cartoon entitled "Casey" about bicycles. Copyright 1977 by The Chicago Tribune.

Text: (woman with small dog talking to man)
[First panel]
Woman: I'll never forget the day Leo and I got married. He was so…

Political cartoon of bicycle running down equestrians and hikers
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