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Here's a "batalog" of WOMBATS souvenirs featuring 100% cotton t-shirts, messenger bag, patches, tea tote, tea towel, bar mat, fly thwacker, keyboard 'kover', fanny pack beach blanket, terry cloth, windbreaker, and a poster.

Catalog of bikes offered by Fat City Cycles from an unknown year including the Yo Eddy, Wicked Lite, Monster Fat, Slim Chance, Titanium Fat Chance, and a variety of Fat Chance gear and apparel.

Catalog of Fat City bicycles available in 1995

A 1992 article with a step-by-step description and details on building a custom bike. It entails each piece that makes up a bike and the importance of it

Length and height of the spec with the benefits it provides

Visual picture of a Chris Chance Bike

Details on different sizes, colors, and frames. Also, describing a new model, FAT CHANCE team comp.

1994 Catalog of Fat City Cycles with new bikes, new clothing line, and accessories.

A catalog promoting Fat City Cycles explaining why they are an amazing ride and the many features of the bikes.

A series of picture ads promoting Fat Chance bikes. 1st picture is "The Mud Man". 2nd picture is " Husband and wife". 3rd picture is " Age 51". 4th picture is "Full-time banker".
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