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Made by Alan Bonds
Aluminun rims, tubular forks, drum brakes, derailers, gearing.

SunTour Mighty friction Thumb shifter mounted on a handlebar. Breeze brazed, non drive side photoed.

Preston Petty hexagonal black BMX grips used on Breezer #1 featured with Magura motorcycle brake lever that controlled rear brake and SunTour Thumbshiter that controlled rear wheel gearing.

SunTour Vx Front Derailleur clamp-on style featured with Shimano 600 chain and Specialities T.A. Crankset.

Specialities T.A. Pro Cranks 175mm length, Specialities T.A. Cyclotourist #2235 Chainrings 46-32t with 80BCD, Specialities T.A.Crank Dust Caps, KKT Lightning Pedals, SunTour VX front derailleur featured
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