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MountainBikes, the first mountain bike specific bike shop started by Charlie Kelly and Gary Fisher in association with Tom Ritchey, assembled mountain bikes using finest components available with Tom Ritchey's frames. This catalog features various…

Made by Alan Bonds
Aluminun rims, tubular forks, drum brakes, derailers, gearing.

Water bottle by Specialized, but has "Ritchey MountainBikes" logo. Photo also features Specialities T.A. steel wire water bottle cage.

SunTour Vx Front Derailleur clamp-on style featured with Shimano 600 chain and Specialities T.A. Crankset.

Specialities T.A. Cyclotourist Chainring engraving on drive side. T.A. logo with blurred "DURAL FORCE CARANTIE MADE IN FRANCE" written. Chainring on Breezer #1

Specialities T.A. Pro Cranks 175mm length, Specialities T.A. Cyclotourist #2235 Chainrings 46-32t with 80BCD, Specialities T.A.Crank Dust Caps, KKT Lightning Pedals, SunTour VX front derailleur featured
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