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Fred Wolf on his Breezer, Repack’s Camera Corner. Uneventful but clean shot, blond spectator in background.

This is Wende Cragg's photo copy for the handwritten list of names and superlatives for Klunker Awards. Numbers far left before names indicate the order of announcement. While stating facts for the records it also used some playful superlatives to…

From the Azalea Hill drop-off point, it was only a 300-foot climb to the start. Left to right: Three plaids, three Breezers: Joe Breeze, Wende Cragg, Fred Wolf, heading away from camera towards Serpentine Hill, and other riders on Pine Mountain Truck…

A summary of the Repack course drawn and labeled with every Repack race data by Joe Breeze. Each turn of the Repack course is named by Repack riders. The riders' fondness of the course can be witnessed in certain names they gave to the course. A…

Bicycle culture was nothing new for those living in the northern areas of California. In the Bay area (Major cities including San Francisco, and Oakland) the road bicycle had seen much use and development. In Marin county (north of San Francisco),The…

Arriving at the Azalea Hill drop-off point aboard Fred Wolf's 1953 Chevrolet one ton stake-side truck. Riders are peering above the side boards. From here it was only a 300-foot climb to the start. In the background is Phil Greer's 1964 Studebaker…

Riders loading bikes into the back of a truck, preparing to make the drive up Repack.

Rob Stewart loading bikes into Fred Wolf’s Repack-bound truck in Fairfax, California. (credit to Joe Breeze)

From John Borzini: Photograph of sheet from a notebook -- record of start times, finish times, and where each participant placed at the fourth Repack Race, November 13, 1976.

1st: Joe Breeze (4:44)
2nd: George Newman (4:46)
3rd: Fred Wolf…

From John Borzini: Photograph of Fred Wolf and Joe Breeze at the bottom of the route at the fourth Repack Race, November 13, 1976. Wolf finished third and Breeze finished first in the race.

Mountain bikers ride their klunkers uphill to the top of Repack.
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