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Bob Starr shows numerous trace outs of fishes he caught. It also reads "DAY of the BIG ASS BROWN E.ELK CREEK BAY 4/13/11 RAIN BOW X-RAD".

Charlie Kelly digs through a cabinet full of files. Charlie is seen wearing a helmet and a cycling thermal hat underneath. A heavily rusted Viscount road frame can be seen as well. Frame size looks to be large or bigger.

Joe Breeze's cat is caught surprised in front of Breezer #1 during a studio photo shoot.

Joe Breeze looks at Breezer #1 in front of his drive way in Mill Valley, CA. Non drive side of Breezer #1 can be seen and unused knobs on tires indicate not much riding has been done on the tires.

Joe Breeze inspects Breezer #1 on the bed of his white truck with his son. Breezer #1 is securely stationed on Bike Stand/ Carrier made of wood for transportation of Breezer #1. Careful design features to secure the non drive side crank arms can be…

Bob Starr outside his home in July 2011 displaying tracings of fish he caught. Starr is now an avid fisherman who regularly documents his catches by tracing them with a sharpie marker on butcher paper.

Al Maunz in his office at Big Al's Backhoe in the summer of 2011.
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