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As Mountain Bike riding became more popular, so did the ticketing of "unsafe" riding defined by MMWD. Here is an incident report of such an occurrence by Charlie Cunningham who had been riding the same trail for 15 years at the time of the incident.…

This is a letter to the bike dealers, shop owners, manufacturers, and enthusiasts of Marin County addressing the MMWD possible closure of trails on Mt. Tam and the need for community voices against this at an upcoming public meeting.

This is a report of an incident that occurred on the trails on Mt. Tam regarding citations from the MMWD to mountain bikers who were cited for riding over 15 mph. It discusses the inconsistencies with citing other trail users that are also not…

Chris Chance is recognized in Mountain Bike Action for his work with Fat City Cycles and his passionate and unique approach to frame building and design.

Photo of biker crossing a creek next to a bridge

Political cartoon of bicycle running down equestrians and hikers

Growth of biking tourism in Crested Butte as a result of Pearl Pass ride

Describes opening of Kokopelli trail and Hopi's involvement

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Letter to the Editor response to Charlie Cunningham's letter on Oct 25-31.
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