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The following is Wende Cragg's copy of the Seventh Annual Crested Butte to Aspen Pearl Pass Klunker Tour registration form mailed out to her. This year,1982, features an option "to hell with Murdoch's bean sprout stew, and join the members of the…

This Marin Cyclists Membership roster 1982 includes member's name, address, city, zip code, and phone number.

Here's a 1982 Breezer information packet that featured everything from geometry, tubing selection, component selection, size recommendation, brazing technique, and other related information regarding to the Breezer. One of the unique features of…

MudPup is fed up with his/her rider and finds a new rider by placing an ad on "Bike Magazine". This image is hosted on Charlie Kelly's web page. (

Picture of an original Specialized Stumpjumper, the first mass produced mountain bike model and the first mass produced mountain bike off-shored to Japan. Similarities to Charlie Kelly and Gary Fisher's MountainBikes by Ritchey and similar component…

An advertisement run in 1982 for Ritchey/MountainBikes. This one targeted dealers rather than consumers, and ran in the Bicycle Dealer Showcase.

As the popularity of the sport grew, so did the restrictions
placed on it by the legislators (represented by the community) of Marin County. Laws and limits began to be set in place to restrict access of the built environment of Mount Tam. Hikers…
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