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As Mountain Bike riding became more popular, so did the ticketing of "unsafe" riding defined by MMWD. Here is an incident report of such an occurrence by Charlie Cunningham who had been riding the same trail for 15 years at the time of the incident.…

An example of an article that demonstrates trail conflict, this time between a horse and bicyclist. Newspaper article scrapped by Wende Cragg.

An example of a letter to the editor in a local Marin county paper. Newspaper article scrapped by Wende Cragg.

An article from an unknown paper outlining the potential benefits and threats of mountain biking

The article describes trail access tensions between bikers and MMWD. Conflicting views on bikers and hikers crash occurrence is noted by interviews from two different sides. Article provided by Wende Cragg.

From Wende Cragg: Map and descriptions of mountain bike trails near and around Crested Butte, Colorado.

Compliments of:
The Alpineer and Bicycles Etc.

1. Upper Loop - 1 hour or less with sections moderate to difficult.
2. Lower Loop - 1 hour…

Describes opening of Kokopelli trail and Hopi's involvement

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Questions Marin's priorities when over 100 people show up to discuss trail access, and only a handful to discuss marijuana legalization and even less for discussion of a homeless encampment.

Trail found near Pine Mountain trail, New Paradigm trail. Article emphasizes trees cut and cost of eradicating the trail
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