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N.O.R.B.A. abbreviated from the National Off-Road Bicycle Association has sent an open letter seeking applicants for membership. The open letter attached reads N.O.R.B.A.'s mission statement and calls for fellow off road riders to join in order to…

As Mountain Bike riding became more popular, so did the ticketing of "unsafe" riding defined by MMWD. Here is an incident report of such an occurrence by Charlie Cunningham who had been riding the same trail for 15 years at the time of the incident.…

An example of an article that demonstrates trail conflict, this time between a horse and bicyclist. Newspaper article scrapped by Wende Cragg.

An article from an unknown paper outlining the potential benefits and threats of mountain biking

This is an article regarding the trails on Mt. Tam but more specifically focusing on the New Paradigm Trail. It discusses the hardships that trail builders face during construction and when they are faced with deconstruction. The battles with the…

Describes the discovery of New Paradigm Trail and planned crackdown

Recounts MMWD meeting where higher fines and other methods of reigning in cyclists on trails are discussed. Well attended, lots of petitions

Political cartoon of bicycle running down equestrians and hikers

Discusses how New Paradigm Trail embodies conflict of bikers and hikers.
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