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Joe Breeze finding the groove on Otis Guy’s 1944 Schwinn Excelsior X one-speed in Switchback #2 (a.k.a. Camera Corner), on the way to his personal best time of 4:24, December 1976. Going right in left-hand turn. Red bike, blue denim, green hat…

Top of Repack, discussing start times, socializing and releasing pre-race tensions. More than 20 people including Bob Burrowes (with “Marin County Klunkers” T-shirt”), Les Degan, Wende Cragg (loading film)

Susan DeMattei competing in a 1994 race. Fading effect of the background emphasizes the speed.

Susan DeMattei competing in the women's cross country mountain bike racing division in the 1996 Olympic Games. She won the bronze medal for USA.

Susan DeMattei racing a Diamond Back aluminum mountain bike at the 1996 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Houffalize, Belgium. The Manitou suspension fork on the Diamondback utilizes Ti spring.

Jacquie Phelan racing in the Netherlands in 1992. Riding in her signature drop bars on an aluminum mountain bike made by Charlie Cunningham, Jacquie Phelan is in full drops aggressively torquing the cranks.

Flier for the Tour del Mar Bicycle Race and Folk-Rock Festival. In Pescadero, California Aug 26-28, 1966. This event featured the Grateful Dead and Quicksilver Messenger Service headlining the music scene. Bicycle races accompanied the concerts. It…

A summary of the Repack course drawn and labeled with every Repack race data by Joe Breeze. Each turn of the Repack course is named by Repack riders. The riders' fondness of the course can be witnessed in certain names they gave to the course. A…

Here's a compete race result for stage 2 of Schlitz Light Women's International Bicycle Race. A road bicycle race with this particular stage featuring 50KM in Tucson, Arizona on April 8th, 1978.

From Wende Cragg: Hand-drawn advertisement for the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Race Series. Year unknown. Sponsored by the Crested Butte Mountain Bicycling Association.

"4 "Point Series" Races
(Prizes for total series and individual…
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