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From Joe Breeze: 1984 hand-drawn map of the course for the Repack Race down Mount Tamalpais. Initial compilation by Joe Breeze, copyrighted by D.S. Livingston.

2007, An image of Repack's route down to the bottom.

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An interactive map with pictures of various parts of the Repack course down Mt. Tamalpais.

From Wende Cragg: Map and descriptions of mountain bike trails near and around Crested Butte, Colorado.

Compliments of:
The Alpineer and Bicycles Etc.

1. Upper Loop - 1 hour or less with sections moderate to difficult.
2. Lower Loop - 1 hour…

A summary of the Repack course drawn and labeled with every Repack race data by Joe Breeze. Each turn of the Repack course is named by Repack riders. The riders' fondness of the course can be witnessed in certain names they gave to the course. A…

Joe Breeze drew a courteous biking/ walking directions to Repack start and finish. A 1000 feet hill climb is also a part getting to the start line. Riders carrying their 40+ lbs bikes up before each race itself must have already been a workout.

A Google Earth image of the Repack course.Photo of what Mt.Tamalpais looks like through Summer.
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