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The Cyclist magazine's review of Fat Chance Kicker talks about the bike's riding qualities. The effect of shorter wheel base resulting from shorter chain stays is discussed as well as narrowing handlebars. It also touches touches bases with…

Clipped from the San Francisco Magazine, the article "Mountain Bikes: The Bumpier the Road, the Better the Ride" explains in detail the advantages of owning and using a mountain bike, first known as the clunker in the 1970s and 80s. Depending on the…

The poem "I Ride With Pride" written by Mike Russell is made up of five stanzas. The first four stanzas are two-lined rhyming couplets celebrating the fun and rush of mountain biking. the last stanza made out of four lines with an ABCB rhyme scheme…


A letter to bicycle dealers from Bicycling Magazine announcing the advent of off-road bicycling.

Article about how Chris Chance built his first Fat Chance

Review of Fat Chance Kicker and Team Comp in Bicycle guide.

Chris Chance is recognized in Mountain Bike Action for his work with Fat City Cycles and his passionate and unique approach to frame building and design.

This magazine is about Chris Chance and a brief summery of his career and his skills as a frame builder, which led him to become famous from his artworks.

A new mountain bike that is able to climb easier then other bikes. new quick release rims, and new grip handles that let you hold a lot better your handle bars.
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