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By Joe Breeze: Wende Cragg holding two Breezers on a rare snowy day on Mt. Tamalpais, Early 1979. On Railroad Grade at Ridgecrest Blvd. Note the “No Bikes” sign. Railroad Grade was closed to bikes from 1979 to ?? [Orig. “FEB 79P9, #12”]

By Joe Breeze: Wende Cragg posing on her mid-‘40s rams-head Schwinn near ridgetop above Forest Knolls. Looking back at Pine Mountain. Credit Wende Cragg.

Up in Pearl Pass (elevation 12,700 feet), during Third Annual (Second Actual) Crested Butte to Aspen Pearl Pass Klunker Tour, September 1978. Left to right is (bike in parenthesis): Wende Cragg, Fairfax, CA (Breezer); Neil Murdoch, Crested Butte, CO…

Authored by Joe Breeze. This is a picture of Wende Cragg posing with her 1978 Breezer at Pearl Pass's false summit. This picture was taken during the 1979 Pearl Tour. She is wearing blue jeans and a plaid shirt standing in front of Castle Peak. This…

Three Breezers at cabin in Mineral King, southern Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Forest (now in Sequoia National Park), California, end of September 1978. (by Joe Breeze)

Line up of Breezers above Crested Butte, Colorado at Cumberland Basin camp, Fifth Annual Crested Butte to Aspen [(via) Pearl Pass] Klunker Tour, September 1980. Owners are (left to right): Wende Cragg, Denise Caramagno (CK’s #2), Tim Schuyler…

Wende Cragg, Otis Guy, and Joe Breeze enjoying a break, in the redwoods of Collier Springs, Mt. Tamalpais. (by Joe Breeze)

Steve Fox from San Francisco's KPIX Evening Magazine interview Wende Cragg. Wende Cragg was one of the earliest mountain bikers, and the only female among the group. She is responsible for most of the photographs of Repack.

From John Borzini: Photograph of Wende Cragg at the start line of the fourth Repack Race, November 13, 1976, with others in background. Cragg finished tenth in the race.

From John Borzini: Photograph of sheet from a notebook -- record of start times, finish times, and where each participant placed at the fourth Repack Race, November 13, 1976.

1st: Joe Breeze (4:44)
2nd: George Newman (4:46)
3rd: Fred Wolf…
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