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At the Azalea Hill drop off point for Repack. Bikes are unloaded from Vince Carlton’s brown Chevrolet pick-up truck. Left to right: Mark Green (standing), Charlie Kelly unloading his Excelsior, Alan Bonds helping Joe Breeze with Breezer #1,…

Riders waiting to start on their way to the top of Repack.

Fairfax Parkade, downtown Fairfax, bound for Repack. On Vince Carlton’s brown pick-up truck, left to right: Joe Breeze, Chris McManus, Mark Green, Ben Berto. Breezer #1 (primer red) on…

Riders anxiously await the results of the race.

Apprehension quiets the crowd as Vince Carlton prepares to announce the final. (credit to Joe Breeze)

From Joe Breeze: On Pine Mtn. Truck Road looking towards Pine Mountain Saddle. In foreground are, left to right: Vince Carlton, Charlie Kelly, Alan Bonds, ??, Jim Sterns, Howie Hammerman. Photo by Wende Cragg.
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