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With the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics approaching corporate sponsorship for cycling has grown as the sport gained popularity in 1983. Bicycle companies such as Raleigh, and Schwinn were sponsors, but also non cycling related companies such as 7-11 and…

Alan Bonds slideways in Camera Corner. White shirt, beige shoes, green bike. Alan repainted many of the 1930s and 1940s Schwinns to original livery.

Old red Schwinn one-speed at cattle guard. Looking back towards Crested Butte on the way up Pearl.

Credited to: Joe Breeze

A GIF and image of the studio pictures of Joe's BF Goodrich Excelsior cruiser, Breezer #1 (Series I Mark I), and Wende Cragg's Breezer #6 (Series I Mark II) that depict a mini evolution of the mountain bike. The image and GIF are comprised of Item…

Joe Breeze’s 1937 Schwinn Excelsior with fork for Breezer #1, top of Repack, Fairfax, CA. Complete side view.(By. Joe Breeze)

Studio photo of B.F. Goodrich. This is Joe's first klunker.The fork support on the Breezer #1 is very similar to the one on the B.F. The B.F. Goodrich is also referred to as the Schwinn Excelsior X. Another thing worth noting is its high bottom…

By Joe Breeze: Wende Cragg posing on her mid-‘40s rams-head Schwinn near ridgetop above Forest Knolls. Looking back at Pine Mountain. Credit Wende Cragg.
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