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On the way down Pearl towards Aspen, almost to Ashcrofters and pavement. They don't call it the Rockies for nothing!

Credited to: Joe Breeze

On the way down the Pearl towards Aspen. The road was boulders on boulders--like a moonscape. Rider with red knapsack.

Credited to: Joe Breeze

The rocky pitch before the false summit, Pearl Pass Tour 1979. Howie Hammerman's Colson in foreground.

Credited to: Joe Breeze

This is a document titled, "Pearl Pass highlights the history of bikes in the Rockies" and is about how Klunkers would bike from Crested Butte to Aspen through the Pearl Pass. This document emphasizes how the California riders came to Colorado to…

Growth of biking tourism in Crested Butte as a result of Pearl Pass ride
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