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Tracy Salcedo, an early mountain biker and journalist, writes Wende Cragg to solicitate any information regarding the "Marin County Mountain Biking Experience". The first letter is an open letter for the general public, and the second letter is a…

MountainBikes, the first mountain bike specific bike shop started by Charlie Kelly and Gary Fisher in association with Tom Ritchey, assembled mountain bikes using finest components available with Tom Ritchey's frames. This catalog features various…

Here's a published article of unknown source that gives information on klunker runs and bikes. It lists klunker oriented local bicycle shops in the area from Cove Bike Shop of Koski brothers in Tiburon to Mountain Bikes of Chrley Kelly and Gary…

Ritchey bike (labeled “T. Ritchey”) and built for Gary Fisher. One of the first three ballooners built by Tom Ritchey in Redwood City, CA in March 1979 (MountainBikes was founded in September 1979). Photo taken in Crested Butte, CO, September…

A photo of John Finley Scott standing with his mountain bike. John Finley Scott was a sociology professor at University of California, Davis that provided $10000 to Gary Fisher for MountainBikes start up capital.

An advertisement run in 1982 for Ritchey/MountainBikes. This one targeted dealers rather than consumers, and ran in the Bicycle Dealer Showcase.

An early publicity photo for Mountain Bikes of Charlie Kelly, taken by Gary Fisher.

An advertisement for Fisher Mountain Bikes, run circa 1995.

The very first advertisement for Mountain Bikes, featured in the February 1980 issue of BMX Plus!

Water bottle by Specialized, but has "Ritchey MountainBikes" logo. Photo also features Specialities T.A. steel wire water bottle cage.
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