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Bikes being unloaded from Fred Wolf's 1953 Chevrolet on ton flatbed truck at the Azalea Hill drop off point for Repack.

Repack racers and participants pictured being interviewed by Steve Fox in on Mount Tamalpais.

Joe Breeze pictured with an early model Breezer One following a Repack race at the bottom of the trail.

Joe Breeze showing his prize for winning third place in Repack, donated by Village Peddler Bike Shop, in Larkspur, CA.

Steve Fox from San Francisco's KPIX Evening Magazine interview Wende Cragg. Wende Cragg was one of the earliest mountain bikers, and the only female among the group. She is responsible for most of the photographs of Repack.

Mountain bikers ride their klunkers uphill to the top of Repack.

Joe Breeze rounding Hairpin #4 on Breezer #1

1983, A poster for Repack's return after 4 years of inactivity.

2007, An image of Repack's route down to the bottom.

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Joe Breeze speeding downhill before the switchbacks.
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