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This article addresses the concerns regarding the damage from continued use and construction of the trails on Mt. Tam. It talks about trail deconstruction that has taken place and the overall effect it has on the surrounding environment. Also…

This is a letter to the construction Crew of the New Paradigm Trail. It discusses their purpose and thanks them for their contribution towards the growing cause of trail use in Marin County.

This is an article regarding the trails on Mt. Tam but more specifically focusing on the New Paradigm Trail. It discusses the hardships that trail builders face during construction and when they are faced with deconstruction. The battles with the…

Describes the discovery of New Paradigm Trail and planned crackdown

Discusses how New Paradigm Trail embodies conflict of bikers and hikers.

Letter to the editor in response to earlier letter from Ryan Murphy for destroying New Paradigm Trail.

Discusses discovery of New Paradigm Trail

Trail found near Pine Mountain trail, New Paradigm trail. Article emphasizes trees cut and cost of eradicating the trail
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