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Describes the discovery of New Paradigm Trail and planned crackdown

A Google Earth image of the Repack course.Photo of what Mt.Tamalpais looks like through Summer.

Clunkers, the name given to the old heavy bikes used to climb and ride Mount Tam, began seeing upgrades as the riders became more experienced and knowledgeable about the environments they were riding.In addition to the heavy frame used to face the…

On the Road to Larsens Summit and Bolinas dating back from 1903 in Marin County, CA.

This particualar photo is from the following website and additional photos owned by Bay City Wheelman can be found here.

Argues against mountain bikers on Mt. Tam through personal anecdote of a run-in.

An interactive map with pictures of various parts of the Repack course down Mt. Tamalpais.

By Joe Breeze: Wende Cragg holding two Breezers on a rare snowy day on Mt. Tamalpais, Early 1979. On Railroad Grade at Ridgecrest Blvd. Note the “No Bikes” sign. Railroad Grade was closed to bikes from 1979 to ?? [Orig. “FEB 79P9, #12”]

Bikes being unloaded from Fred Wolf's 1953 Chevrolet on ton flatbed truck at the Azalea Hill drop off point for Repack.

Wende Cragg, Otis Guy, and Joe Breeze enjoying a break, in the redwoods of Collier Springs, Mt. Tamalpais. (by Joe Breeze)

Bicycle culture was nothing new for those living in the northern areas of California. In the Bay area (Major cities including San Francisco, and Oakland) the road bicycle had seen much use and development. In Marin county (north of San Francisco),The…
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