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At the Azalea Hill drop off point for Repack. Bikes are unloaded from Vince Carlton’s brown Chevrolet pick-up truck. Left to right: Mark Green (standing), Charlie Kelly unloading his Excelsior, Alan Bonds helping Joe Breeze with Breezer #1,…

Mark Green sliding through Repack’s Camera Corner. Typical (dialed) Mark Green style. Left elbow out of the picture frame.

Riders waiting to start on their way to the top of Repack.

Fairfax Parkade, downtown Fairfax, bound for Repack. On Vince Carlton’s brown pick-up truck, left to right: Joe Breeze, Chris McManus, Mark Green, Ben Berto. Breezer #1 (primer red) on…

Loma Alta ride. Left to right: Mark Green, Joe Breeze, unidentified, Craig Smith?, Otis Guy, Chris McManus, Charlie Kelly. Circa 1977. Photo by Wende Cragg.
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