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Gary Fisher waving a pair of new Ukai gold-anodized aluminum rims over his head. August 11, 1979. This is shortly after these first aluminum rims became available. Kent Bostick, right, background.

Unloading Frank Chappell’s? 1954? Chevrolet 1/2 ton pick-up truck across from Meadow Club (I don’t remember why, fire danger road closure?). Rode to Azalea Hill from here, and then on dirt to Repack. Left to right: Eric Bredt (astride bike), Joe…

Kent Bostick aboard Joe Breeze’s 1937 Schwinn Excelsior on Repack’s Switchback #3. Going left around right-hand turn. Blue bike, denim shirt. Sharp, but dark (credit to Joe Breeze for description).
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