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Joe Breeze splashing through Cascade Creek, after Repack, on Otis Guy’s 1944 Schwinn Excelsior X one-speed.

Joe Breeze rounding Hairpin #4 on Breezer #1, Repack October, 1977. Photo by Wende Cragg, original color transparency has been lost. This is a great transparency dupe from so-so dupe. (JB note: #67)

Joe Breeze writes a letter to Wende Cragg "just in case there are any misunderstandings" about whether he wants to be compensated for a Breezer frame he gave Wende Cragg for free. He explains that he has done so because he "felt a debt from all the…

Here's a 1982 Breezer information packet that featured everything from geometry, tubing selection, component selection, size recommendation, brazing technique, and other related information regarding to the Breezer. One of the unique features of…

Breeze Industries headed by Joe Breeze write an open letter to fellow "Ballooner Aficionado"s to announce the second batch of Breezer is ready for consumers at the Cove Bike Shop in 1980. The second batch Breezers differed from the initial Breezer…

This is Wende Cragg's photo copy for the handwritten list of names and superlatives for Klunker Awards. Numbers far left before names indicate the order of announcement. While stating facts for the records it also used some playful superlatives to…

Joe Breeze riding Otis Guy’s 1944 Schwinn Excelsior X one-speed on Repack’s Camera Corner

Joe Breeze on Breezer #1 negotiating Repack’s Camera Corner. Front view. Full denim

Joe Breeze on Breezer #1 negotiating Repack’s Camera Corner. From behind. Kicking up dirt. Circa 1977-1978

Joe Breeze buns-up on Repack’s Camera Corner, December 1976 Photo by Wende Cragg
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