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Tracy Salcedo sends a post card to Wende Cragg thanking her for the participation and letting her know of the follow up interview and photographing meet up in Fairfax.

Sunshine Bicycle Works located in Fairfax, CA is one of early klunker oriented local bike shops in Marin county. This is their advertisement for a "cruiser", but it is interesting to note that it features a mountain bike that derived from the…

KPIX “Evening Magazine” truck in Fairfax to cover the Repack race, January 1979.

Joe Breeze drew a courteous biking/ walking directions to Repack start and finish. A 1000 feet hill climb is also a part getting to the start line. Riders carrying their 40+ lbs bikes up before each race itself must have already been a workout.

Larry Cragg’s Breezer at Tamarancho Boy Scout Camp, Fairfax, CA, March 1979. Grassy hills, looking towards San Geronimo. Good side view. Best shot of completely original Breezer. Good Springtime, green-grass Marin hills background too. (By. Joe…

Riders loading bikes into the back of a truck, preparing to make the drive up Repack.

Rob Stewart loading bikes into Fred Wolf’s Repack-bound truck in Fairfax, California. (credit to Joe Breeze)

Riders waiting to start on their way to the top of Repack.

Fairfax Parkade, downtown Fairfax, bound for Repack. On Vince Carlton’s brown pick-up truck, left to right: Joe Breeze, Chris McManus, Mark Green, Ben Berto. Breezer #1 (primer red) on…

Riders gathering in downtown Fairfax to prepare for another race.
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