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The Cyclist magazine's review of Fat Chance Kicker talks about the bike's riding qualities. The effect of shorter wheel base resulting from shorter chain stays is discussed as well as narrowing handlebars. It also touches touches bases with…

Diagram of companies that eventually broke off from Fat City Cycles

Photograph of frame builder Chris Chance

Catalog of bikes offered by Fat City Cycles from an unknown year including the Yo Eddy, Wicked Lite, Monster Fat, Slim Chance, Titanium Fat Chance, and a variety of Fat Chance gear and apparel.

Catalog of Fat City bicycles available in 1995

A 1992 article with a step-by-step description and details on building a custom bike. It entails each piece that makes up a bike and the importance of it

Article about how Chris Chance built his first Fat Chance

Length and height of the spec with the benefits it provides

Visual picture of a Chris Chance Bike

Details on different sizes, colors, and frames. Also, describing a new model, FAT CHANCE team comp.
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