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Repack impresario Charlie Kelly unleashes the booty to a cheering throng after Repack #18, October 1978.

Two riders (Larry Souza and Charlie Kelly) approaching the finish line, Repack late 1976.

Charlie Kelly on Repack’s Camera Corner, riding his Breezer (“#2”). Wearing long-sleeve white shirt with blue elbow pads. Vertical format. CK has foot down, hand on rear brake only

Charlie Kelly exiting Repack’s Camera Corner about 1977. Fully-modified blue/white Excelsior. Wearing green shirt, red cap. Shot from side/behind.

Charlie Kelly entering Repack’s Camera Corner, 1976 or 1977. Fully-modified blue/white Excelsior. Wearing green shirt, red cap. Shot from front.

Charlie Kelly on Repack’s Camera Corner, late 1976. Fully-modified maroon/white Excelsior. Wearing denim shirt, yellow cap. Shot from side/front

MountainBikes, the first mountain bike specific bike shop started by Charlie Kelly and Gary Fisher in association with Tom Ritchey, assembled mountain bikes using finest components available with Tom Ritchey's frames. This catalog features various…

Here's a published article of unknown source that gives information on klunker runs and bikes. It lists klunker oriented local bicycle shops in the area from Cove Bike Shop of Koski brothers in Tiburon to Mountain Bikes of Chrley Kelly and Gary…

This is Wende Cragg's photo copy for the handwritten list of names and superlatives for Klunker Awards. Numbers far left before names indicate the order of announcement. While stating facts for the records it also used some playful superlatives to…

Steve Fox from San Francisco’s KPIX Evening Magazine interviewing Charlie Kelly about Repack and the new sport, January 1979. Charlie is writing in the starting line-up of Repack #21. Left to right: Cameraman, Steve Fox, Otis Guy, Larry Cragg, Joe…
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