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MountainBikes, the first mountain bike specific bike shop started by Charlie Kelly and Gary Fisher in association with Tom Ritchey, assembled mountain bikes using finest components available with Tom Ritchey's frames. This catalog features variousā€¦

Here's a set of unused vintage Campagnolo stickers. it reads "Prodotti Speciali", which means special products.


9 1977 written with gold paint on Breezer #1's Campagnolo track dropout to indicate finished fabrication of Breezer #1 on September 1977. This writing is featured on the non drive side of the dropouts. Enamel sky blue powder coating by Bernieā€¦

Non drive side photo of Campagnolo Track Drop Outs on Breezer #1. It reads "9 1977" indicating the month and year of the fabrication of Breezer #1 frame or as known as by its code JBX1.

Campagnolo Seatpost Quck Release mechanism is featured from the non drive side. Mafac brake cable holder is also featured. On the Camapagnolo quick release cap it reads "PATENT CAMPAGNOLO".

Campagnolo Record 26.8mm x 180mm aluminum seat post was used on Breezer #1. Picture taken from front which shows Campagnolo logo.

Brooks B-72 Leather Saddle on Campagnolo Record Seatpost featured. Brown

Phil Wood Rear 125mm wide Hub is mounted on Campagnolo track drop outs for Breezer #1. Also in the photo Shimano Dura Ace Freewheel as well as DT 14g spokes can be seen.

Campagnolo Record 1" threaded Headset's top cup featured on Breezer #1. The top cup's text reads "Campagnolo Italy".

Using a plate of metal the base plate, headset secures the base plate to have the fork reinforcement tubes to be securely held in place.
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