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From Wende Cragg: Pamphlet about the 10th annual Davis Double Century Tour, also known as the Heart of California Double Century. May 12, 1979. The Davis Double Century is a 200-mile bicycle tour that lasts one day.

From Wende Cragg: Hand-drawn advertisement for the Repack Downhill Ballooner Time Trial. Found in the Mountain Bikes Fall 1980 Catalog.

From Wende Cragg: Advertisement for the Tour of Nevada City Criterium Race. Fathers' Day, June 18, 1978. Located in Downtown Nevada City, CA.

Sponsored by the Santa Cruz County Cycling Club and by Avocet. With accompanying map with directions to…

From Wende Cragg: Newspaper article regarding Joe Breeze and Otis Guy's third win at the Davis Double Century bicycle race on a tandem bike. Author unknown. Publication unknown. Date unknown.

From John Borzini: Photograph of close-up view of George Newman's klunker at the start line of the fourth Repack Race, November 13, 1976.

From Joe Breeze: 1984 hand-drawn map of the course for the Repack Race down Mount Tamalpais. Initial compilation by Joe Breeze, copyrighted by D.S. Livingston.
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