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A GIF and image of the studio pictures of Joe's BF Goodrich Excelsior cruiser, Breezer #1 (Series I Mark I), and Wende Cragg's Breezer #6 (Series I Mark II) that depict a mini evolution of the mountain bike. The image and GIF are comprised of Item…

Breezer #1 "standing in field, Crested Butte, CO, September 1979. Built by Joe Breeze in Mill Valley, CA, September 1977. Owned by Joe Breeze. Light blue frame. Static side view. At least 5 different bikes were shot at this site with the same…

Three Breezers at cabin in Mineral King, southern Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Forest (now in Sequoia National Park), California, end of September 1978. (by Joe Breeze)
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