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Joe Breeze speeding downhill before the switchbacks.

Joe Breeze’s 1937 Schwinn Excelsior with fork for Breezer #1, top of Repack, Fairfax, CA. Complete side view.(By. Joe Breeze)

A drawn blueprint of the second design Joe Breeze made of the Breezer Mountain Bike before he created it. It is dated to May 30, 1977. It was hand drawn by Joe. You can see the twin lateral that the Breezer Series 1 Mark 1 and 2 bikes have. Also…

Joe Breeze on Breezer #1 negotiating Repack’s Camera Corner. From behind. Kicking up dirt. Circa 1977-1978

Breezer Bike Down Tube Decal that reads " THE BREEZER MILL VALLEY CALIFORNIA", features a drawing of Mt.Tamalpais with a bike trail, decals by Wilmes Co of San Francisco, CA

Joe Breeze on Breezer #1 at Yellow Face, Repack, Late 1977.

Breezer #1, fitted with Breezer #1 fork, awaits geometry check. The twin lateral tubes were to reduce lateral flexibility of the long frame. Showing axle to axle, almost. Photo by Wende Cragg. 35mm Transparency from black and white contact sheet…

A studio shot of Breezer #1 bottom bracket shell from the bottom side. Philwood bottom bracket spindle, ISO, is shown along Specialities T.A. Pro cranks and Cyclotourist chainring.

A studio shot of Breezer #1's top tube features Campagnolo cable stops brazed on by Joe Breeze, Weinmann brake cable, and Elephant cable housing.

Studio photo of the complete build of Breezer #1 showing drive side. Notable features including but not limited to Campagnolo track drop out with rear derailleur mount, diagonal twin later tubes for additional support, fork - stem reinforcement, and…
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