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Brooks B-72 Leather Saddle on Campagnolo Record Seatpost featured. Brown

Campagnolo Record 1" threaded Headset's top cup featured on Breezer #1. The top cup's text reads "Campagnolo Italy".

Campagnolo Record 26.8mm x 180mm aluminum seat post was used on Breezer #1. Picture taken from front which shows Campagnolo logo.

Campagnolo Seatpost Quck Release mechanism is featured from the non drive side. Mafac brake cable holder is also featured. On the Camapagnolo quick release cap it reads "PATENT CAMPAGNOLO".

Top tube of Breezer #1 features Campagnolo cable stops brazed on by Joe Breeze, Weinmann brake cable, and Elephant cable housing.

Carlisle 26"x2.125" hexagonal knobs black tire featured. Tires from Carlisle, PA. "MADE IN U.S.A." it reads.

Chinelli 1A 100mm stem mounted on Breezer #1. Joe Breeze fabricated handlebar shim to accommodate the difference in diameters between a Cinelli road stem and a motorcycle handlebar.

Joe Breeze mitering tubing for first Breezers on the lathe. Front view. Vertical format. 35mm transparency from black and white contact sheet.

A drawn blueprint of the second design Joe Breeze made of the Breezer Mountain Bike before he created it. It is dated to May 30, 1977. It was hand drawn by Joe. You can see the twin lateral that the Breezer Series 1 Mark 1 and 2 bikes have. Also…

A expansive list of parts used in the construction of Breezer #1. Parts for this bike came from all over the world in order to create a state-of-the-art mountain bike.
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