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Joe Breeze's cat is caught surprised in front of Breezer #1 during a studio photo shoot.

Joe Breeze looks at Breezer #1 in front of his drive way in Mill Valley, CA. Non drive side of Breezer #1 can be seen and unused knobs on tires indicate not much riding has been done on the tires.

Joe Breeze inspects Breezer #1 on the bed of his white truck with his son. Breezer #1 is securely stationed on Bike Stand/ Carrier made of wood for transportation of Breezer #1. Careful design features to secure the non drive side crank arms can be…

A GIF and image of the studio pictures of Joe's BF Goodrich Excelsior cruiser, Breezer #1 (Series I Mark I), and Wende Cragg's Breezer #6 (Series I Mark II) that depict a mini evolution of the mountain bike. The image and GIF are comprised of Item…

Water bottle by Specialized, but has "Ritchey MountainBikes" logo. Photo also features Specialities T.A. steel wire water bottle cage.

Twin Lateral tubing to reinforce the frame went from the head tube, seat tube, and finally to the track dropouts. Photo focuses on how the seat tube is joined by the twin lateral tubes by a separate plate of metal for reinforcement. Twin lateral…

Non drive side photo of Campagnolo Track Drop Outs on Breezer #1. It reads "9 1977" indicating the month and year of the fabrication of Breezer #1 frame or as known as by its code JBX1.

Carlisle 26"x2.125" hexagonal knobs black tire featured. Tires from Carlisle, PA. "MADE IN U.S.A." it reads.

SunTour Mighty friction Thumb shifter mounted on a handlebar. Breeze brazed, non drive side photoed.

Chinelli 1A 100mm stem mounted on Breezer #1. Joe Breeze fabricated handlebar shim to accommodate the difference in diameters between a Cinelli road stem and a motorcycle handlebar.
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