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From John Borzini: Photograph of Bob Burrowes at the start line of the fourth Repack Race, November 13, 1976, with others in background.

From John Borzini: Photograph of Bob Burrows near the bottom of the route at the fourth Repack Race, November 13, 1976.

Riders talking about their race after finishing.

Chatting after another Repack. Left to right: Bob Burrowes, Joe Breeze, Otis Guy, Zan Drejes, Rob Stewart, unident (2). Good shot of Otis and Joe together. Otis’s fully-modified Excelsior is…

A summary of the Repack course drawn and labeled with every Repack race data by Joe Breeze. Each turn of the Repack course is named by Repack riders. The riders' fondness of the course can be witnessed in certain names they gave to the course. A…

Crash sequence, 3 of 3: Bob Burrowes down in a cloud of dust on Repack’s Camera Corner. Wearing denim jacket. [Wheel should be placed on left.] [Orig. “NOV 78P3, #7]

Top of Repack, discussing start times, socializing and releasing pre-race tensions. More than 20 people including Bob Burrowes (with “Marin County Klunkers” T-shirt”), Les Degan, Wende Cragg (loading film)

Crash sequence, 1 of 3: Bob Burrowes in Repack’s Camera Corner. Pitched sideways, dynamic, weight on the outside pedal . . . a tad too far. Let go of that front brake now Bob. Wearing denim jacket as well as a hockey helmet, goggles, and gloves.

Crash sequence, 2 of 3: Bob Burrowes going down on Repack’s Camera Corner. Having countered a near high-side, he’s now caught in an irretrievable front wheel plow. A little late off the brake Bob. Wearing denim jacket. Interesting to note the…

Bob Burrowes in Camera Corner (Switchback #2), Repack. Fairly static looking, little dust, good read of the Klunking T-shirt though.

Bob Burrowes in Camera Corner (Switchback #2), Repack. Perhaps headed towards the ground. Wearing yellow fire jacket.
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