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Party in progress out in front of the famed Hotel Jerome, terminus of the Fourth Annual Crested Butte to Aspen [(via) Pearl Pass] Klunker Tour, Aspen, Colorado, September 1979

Howie Hammerman poses with his modified Colson at Pearl Pass’s false summit, 1979 Pearl Tour.

Matt Hebbard poses with his modified Colson at Pearl Pass’s false summit, 1979 Pearl Tour

Chris McManus poses with Joe Breeze’s 1937 Schwinn Excelsior X. Stripped of extraneous metal such as fenders, chainguard, racks and baskets, top tube “tank,” and kickstand, the bike weighed in at 48 pounds. Klunkers like this were king of the…

Charlie Kelly and Chris McManus, with his 1937 Excelsior ride, pose at Pearl Pass’s false summit. Same fork reinforcement technique used on the Schwinn, and Chris McManus not reprimanding his sock can be seen. 1979 Pearl Tour

Chris McManus reprimanding his sock for trying to run away, Cumberland Basin “Base Camp,” 1979 Pearl Pass Tour.

James Macway roasting his toes at Cumberland Basin “Base Camp” campfire, 1979 Pearl Pass Tour. Camp divided between shoe wearers and bare footers.

Cumberland Basin “Base Camp” line-up, 1979 Pearl Pass Tour. About 30 people. 4th annual Pearl Pass Tour.

On the way down Pearl towards Aspen, almost to Ashcrofters and pavement. They don't call it the Rockies for nothing!

Credited to: Joe Breeze

On the way down the Pearl towards Aspen. The road was boulders on boulders--like a moonscape. Rider with red knapsack.

Credited to: Joe Breeze
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