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Steve Fox and crew from San Francisco’s KPIX Evening Magazine arrive in Jeep at the bottom of Repack, January 1979.

Gary Fisher waving a pair of new Ukai gold-anodized aluminum rims over his head. August 11, 1979. This is shortly after these first aluminum rims became available. Kent Bostick, right, background.

Steve Fox and crew from San Francisco’s KPIX Evening Magazine, with Jeep, interview spectators on Repack’s Camera Corner, January 1979.

Ed Vickart? styles his Rollfast through the crumble on Repack’s treacherous Camera Corner, 1979. Rich DiGiulio?? Wearing red parka, ski cap, jeans in leather boots, riding black frame with white Rollfast spears. According to Rich.

Fred Wolf on his Breezer, Repack’s Camera Corner. Uneventful but clean shot, blond spectator in background.

Otis Guy on his Breezer in Repack’s Camera Corner. Plaid shirt, mustache.

This Wheelmen member letter in particular to Wende Cragg was sent to members to inform them of annual meet up in Michigan for the year 1979. With lots of bicycle riding in plan on an automobile free secluded area, this sure sounds like a fun trip.

The Wheelmen 1979 membership roster includes organization hierarchy structure as well as member name, address, city, zip code, and membership status.

Velo Club Tamalpais is where many klunker riders got to meet each other riding road bicycles on Mt. Tamalpais. Here is a roster of members as of January 1979.
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