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By Joe Breeze: About a dozen riders (including Joe Breeze on far left) rest at ridgetop above Forest Knolls, Appetite Seminar, Thanksgiving 1978? Photo by Wende Cragg.

Fish-eye shot of Charlie Kelly following Fred Wolfe at Tamarancho (they’re coming from Ridge Road trail), Summer 1978. Photo by Wende Cragg. [Orig. “JUL 79P5, #28”] (Joe Breeze annotation)

Up in Pearl Pass (elevation 12,700 feet), during Third Annual (Second Actual) Crested Butte to Aspen Pearl Pass Klunker Tour, September 1978. Left to right is (bike in parenthesis): Wende Cragg, Fairfax, CA (Breezer); Neil Murdoch, Crested Butte, CO…

This article is about the first annual event in which the clunkers, a small group of bikers from Marin County, took their clunkers and rode through the 12,700 foot Pearl Pass and coasted through Aspen. Through this, they began to spread the…

Nine Breezer frames lined up together just before taking them to be nickel plated. With Breeze’s own Breezer #1 that made ten frames with the conspicuous “twin laterals.” (by Joe Breeze)

Three Breezers at cabin in Mineral King, southern Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Forest (now in Sequoia National Park), California, end of September 1978. (by Joe Breeze)

From Al Maunz: Scan of front page of The Chronicle, Crested Butte, Colorado. September 29, 1978. Volume 16, Number 46. Photograph of "Klunker Boys," Pearl Pass Klunker Tour (photograph by Dan Peha).

Riders at the top of Repack preparing for their race down.

Top of Repack, discussing start times, socializing and releasing pre-race tensions, Late 1978. More than 20 people in photo. (credit to Joe Breeze)

From Wende Cragg: Advertisement for the Tour of Nevada City Criterium Race. Fathers' Day, June 18, 1978. Located in Downtown Nevada City, CA.

Sponsored by the Santa Cruz County Cycling Club and by Avocet. With accompanying map with directions to…
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