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From Joe Breeze: On Pine Mtn. Truck Road looking towards Pine Mountain Saddle. In foreground are, left to right: Vince Carlton, Charlie Kelly, Alan Bonds, ??, Jim Sterns, Howie Hammerman. Photo by Wende Cragg.

By Joe Breeze: Wende Cragg posing on her mid-‘40s rams-head Schwinn near ridgetop above Forest Knolls. Looking back at Pine Mountain. Credit Wende Cragg.

From Joe Breeze: Gary Fisher and Fred Wolf working on bikes on the trail. Fisher’s back is to the camera. Circa 1976. Photo by Wende Cragg. (Dupe only?) [Orig. “APR 77P5, #37]

Printed in: Bike (Ger.), 6/95, p. 68

Otis Guy, Charlie Kelly, and Repack Unknown #7 on “Dead Heifer”, Tamarancho. Looking towards Loma Alta, Late 1997. Photo by Wende Cragg. [Orig. “NOV 77P2, #2”] (Joe Breeze annotation)

Loma Alta ride. Left to right: Mark Green, Joe Breeze, unidentified, Craig Smith?, Otis Guy, Chris McManus, Charlie Kelly. Circa 1977. Photo by Wende Cragg.

Photo of Joe Breeze riding Repack race on his Breezer model one mountain bike. Taken at switchback one.

A rider sliding down one of the many switchbacks on the repack course.

Art Black slideways, foot-down on Repack’s Camera Corner, late 1977 (credit to Joe Breeze).

Kent Bostick aboard Joe Breeze’s 1937 Schwinn Excelsior on Repack’s Switchback #3. Going left around right-hand turn. Blue bike, denim shirt. Sharp, but dark (credit to Joe Breeze for description).

A photo of all of the riders who competed in the Repack race after completion of the course.

Group photo after Repack, December 1977. Left to right: Charlie Kelly, Ben Berto, Toby Hartman? (not Gordon Burns), Pat Oliver, Ken Fuetsch, Erik Bredt,…

Joe Breeze posing with Breezer #1 at the bottom of Repack, October 1977, after winning the race on the bike's maiden voyage. This was the first purpose-built chrome-moly mountain bike frame built up with all-new components. Breeze built ten with the…
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