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From Wende Cragg: Cut-out of a newspaper cartoon entitled "Casey" about bicycles. Copyright 1977 by The Chicago Tribune.

Text: (woman with small dog talking to man)
[First panel]
Woman: I'll never forget the day Leo and I got married. He was so…

Joe Breeze speeding downhill before the switchbacks.

A rider sliding down one of the many switchbacks on the repack course.

Art Black slideways, foot-down on Repack’s Camera Corner, late 1977 (credit to Joe Breeze).

Bikes being unloaded from Fred Wolf's 1953 Chevrolet on ton flatbed truck at the Azalea Hill drop off point for Repack.

At the Azalea Hill drop off point for Repack. Bikes are unloaded from Vince Carlton’s brown Chevrolet pick-up truck. Left to right: Mark Green (standing), Charlie Kelly unloading his Excelsior, Alan Bonds helping Joe Breeze with Breezer #1,…

Joe Breeze’s 1937 Schwinn Excelsior with fork for Breezer #1, top of Repack, Fairfax, CA. Complete side view.(By. Joe Breeze)

Chris Lang exits Repack’s Camera Corner, April 1977. Lang is aiming for an award in the best-dressed category with his fringed buckskin jacket.

A drawn blueprint of the second design Joe Breeze made of the Breezer Mountain Bike before he created it. It is dated to May 30, 1977. It was hand drawn by Joe. You can see the twin lateral that the Breezer Series 1 Mark 1 and 2 bikes have. Also…

Joe Breeze on Breezer #1 negotiating Repack’s Camera Corner. From behind. Kicking up dirt. Circa 1977-1978

Joe Breeze on Breezer #1 at Yellow Face, Repack, Late 1977.
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