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Repack impresario Charlie Kelly unleashes the booty to a cheering throng after Repack #18, October 1978.

The bottom of Repack. The post-race party continues and so does some last minute kibitzing. In lower-right corner Gary Fisher and others go over the finish times.

Charlie Kelly on Repack’s Camera Corner, riding his Breezer (“#2”). Wearing long-sleeve white shirt with blue elbow pads. Vertical format. CK has foot down, hand on rear brake only

Mark Green sliding through Repack’s Camera Corner. Typical (dialed) Mark Green style. Left elbow out of the picture frame.

Gary Fisher exiting Repack’s Camera Corner on red and white 1941 Schwinn Excelsior. Wearing black shoes with red stripe and a blue and green bike cap. October or November 1978. (Cook Bros. front fork).

Joe Breeze on Breezer #1 negotiating Repack’s Camera Corner. Front view. Full denim

Alan Bonds entering Camera Corner. All denim, blue shoes, blue bike.

Gary Fisher lying on fire road at top junction of Repack Road and Pine Mountain Truck Road (not obvious), eyes closed, spread-eagle. Large flange rear hub with the use of derailleur can be seen.
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