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Two riders (Larry Souza and Charlie Kelly) approaching the finish line, Repack late 1976.

Joe Breeze rounding Hairpin #4 on Breezer #1, Repack October, 1977. Photo by Wende Cragg, original color transparency has been lost. This is a great transparency dupe from so-so dupe. (JB note: #67)

Steve Fox and crew from San Francisco’s KPIX Evening Magazine, with Jeep, interview spectators on Repack’s Camera Corner, January 1979.

Ed Vickart? styles his Rollfast through the crumble on Repack’s treacherous Camera Corner, 1979. Rich DiGiulio?? Wearing red parka, ski cap, jeans in leather boots, riding black frame with white Rollfast spears. According to Rich.

Unknown #5 slideways in Repack’s Camera Corner. Looking down the course. Wearing denim jacket and jeans, slow release (crescent wrench) in back pocket, blue Excelsior with white spears. Ross Parkerson look-alike.

A BTU (Berkeley Trailers Union) rider swingin' wide on the white-knuckle line, Repack’s Camera Corner, summer 1977. Unknown #4 dark-haired rider surfing the dust on Repack’s Camera Corner, circa 1977. This shot is taken just before…

Unknown #3 (Berkeley Trails Union’s Bruce Heppler?) rider having a hair-raising experience on Repack’s Camera Corner, Fall 1977

Unknown #1 rider in a big slide on Repack’s Camera Corner, Fall 1977. Bike with long yellow spears.

Fred Wolf on his Breezer, Repack’s Camera Corner. Uneventful but clean shot, blond spectator in background.

Ian Stewart in Camera Corner (Switchback #2), Repack. From behind. Knapsack and big dust.
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