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MudPup is fed up with his/her rider and finds a new rider by placing an ad on "Bike Magazine". This image is hosted on Charlie Kelly's web page. (

MudPup an anthropomorphized klunker saves the day when friends are in need! A series of MudPub comics by Kevin Coffey was published in Fat Tire Flyers. This image is hosted on Charlie Kelly's web page. (

Repack flyer patch sewn into a cushion. From looking at the edge of image where fabric material transition is present, the cushion was made with the use of Repack flyer image in mind. Photo by Charlie Kelly

The logo used for the Fat Tire Flyer magazine, the first mountain biking publication, which ran between 1980 and 1987.

An advertisement run in 1982 for Ritchey/MountainBikes. This one targeted dealers rather than consumers, and ran in the Bicycle Dealer Showcase.

An early publicity photo for Mountain Bikes of Charlie Kelly, taken by Gary Fisher.

The very first advertisement for Mountain Bikes, featured in the February 1980 issue of BMX Plus!

Describes the discovery of New Paradigm Trail and planned crackdown

From Wende Cragg: Newspaper article regarding Joe Breeze and Otis Guy's attempt to break the record for crossing the country on a tandem bike, specifically the leg of their journey from Reno to Elko, Nevada. Author unknown. Published in San Francisco…

Charlie Cunningham sends letter to Marin Municipal Water District reasoning for more trail access
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