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Steve Fox from San Francisco’s KPIX Evening Magazine interviewing Joe Breeze about Repack and the new sport. Les Degan, Otis Guy and Tom Ritchey look on

Steve Fox from San Francisco’s KPIX Evening Magazine interviewing Gary Fisher about Repack and the new sport, January 1979. Gary is looking down at his 1938 Schwinn Excelsior. Mt. Tam is in the background.

Top of Repack, discussing start times, socializing and releasing pre-race tensions. More than 20 people including Bob Burrowes (with “Marin County Klunkers” T-shirt”), Les Degan, Wende Cragg (loading film)

KPIX “Evening Magazine” truck in Fairfax to cover the Repack race, January 1979.

Riders loading bikes into the back of a truck, preparing to make the drive up Repack.

Rob Stewart loading bikes into Fred Wolf’s Repack-bound truck in Fairfax, California. (credit to Joe Breeze)

Riders at the bottom of Repack talking while waiting for the rest of the riders to finish.

The bottom of Repack. Swapping post-race fish-stories. (credit to Joe Breeze)

Steve Fox from San Francisco's KPIX Evening Magazine interview Wende Cragg. Wende Cragg was one of the earliest mountain bikers, and the only female among the group. She is responsible for most of the photographs of Repack.

Repack racers and participants pictured being interviewed by Steve Fox in on Mount Tamalpais.

Riders gathering in downtown Fairfax to prepare for another race.
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