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Otis Guy splashing through Cascade Creek, after Repack, on Otis Guy’s refurbished 1942 Schwinn Excelsior X with ten gears.

Riders talking about their race after finishing.

Chatting after another Repack. Left to right: Bob Burrowes, Joe Breeze, Otis Guy, Zan Drejes, Rob Stewart, unident (2). Good shot of Otis and Joe together. Otis’s fully-modified Excelsior is…

Ian Stewart in Camera Corner (Switchback #2), Repack. From behind. Knapsack and big dust.

A rider tackling the Repack course.

Les Degan exiting Repack’s Switchback #1, December 1976. Wearing red parka. Riding red Roadmaster? A good example of an early geared conversion (Ashtabula cranks, old).( credit to Joe Breeze)

Two riders (Larry Souza and Charlie Kelly) approaching the finish line, Repack late 1976.
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