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Bob Burrowes in Camera Corner (Switchback #2), Repack. Perhaps headed towards the ground. Wearing yellow fire jacket.

Loma Alta ride. Left to right: Mark Green, Joe Breeze, unidentified, Craig Smith?, Otis Guy, Chris McManus, Charlie Kelly. Circa 1977. Photo by Wende Cragg.

By Joe Breeze: Wende Cragg posing on her mid-‘40s rams-head Schwinn near ridgetop above Forest Knolls. Looking back at Pine Mountain. Credit Wende Cragg.

By Joe Breeze: Wende Cragg holding two Breezers on a rare snowy day on Mt. Tamalpais, Early 1979. On Railroad Grade at Ridgecrest Blvd. Note the “No Bikes” sign. Railroad Grade was closed to bikes from 1979 to ?? [Orig. “FEB 79P9, #12”]

Wende Cragg wearing a blue hair bandana pushes her klunker with a leather saddle that looks to be Brooks. This photo was taken in Sierra Nevada.

Wende Cragg is resting on her klunker looking far back at the camera. The other bike on the ground is presumably the photographer's. This was taken in Marin.

Waiting for the cows to clear. Back side of Washington Gulch, Crested Butte, Colorado, September 1979. (By Joe Breeze)

This is one of Wende Cragg's collection. it features a woman's profile wearing excess fabric resting her hands on the saddle of the single speed. This patch also lists major US cities, Boston, New York, Detroit, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angles,…

Unknown #5 slideways in Repack’s Camera Corner. Looking down the course. Wearing denim jacket and jeans, slow release (crescent wrench) in back pocket, blue Excelsior with white spears. Ross Parkerson look-alike.

A BTU (Berkeley Trailers Union) rider swingin' wide on the white-knuckle line, Repack’s Camera Corner, summer 1977. Unknown #4 dark-haired rider surfing the dust on Repack’s Camera Corner, circa 1977. This shot is taken just before…
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