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Tracy Salcedo sends a post card to Wende Cragg thanking her for the participation and letting her know of the follow up interview and photographing meet up in Fairfax.

Tracy Salcedo, an early mountain biker and journalist, writes Wende Cragg to solicitate any information regarding the "Marin County Mountain Biking Experience". The first letter is an open letter for the general public, and the second letter is a…

Clipped from the San Francisco Magazine, the article "Mountain Bikes: The Bumpier the Road, the Better the Ride" explains in detail the advantages of owning and using a mountain bike, first known as the clunker in the 1970s and 80s. Depending on the…

What mountain bikes evoke for the rider is more important than technical factors. Mountain biking discourse, and other outdoor adventure sports like it, is embodied in the green consciousness,for preserving the planet goes hand in hand with a concern…
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