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John Drum's crash sequence animated: John Drum crashing at Repack’s Camera Corner. One of the classic crash sequences. Late 1978

An animated version of Bob Burrowes crash sequence: Bob Burrowes in Repack’s Camera Corner. Pitched sideways, dynamic, weight on the outside pedal . . . a tad too far. Let go of that front brake now Bob. Wearing denim jacket as well as a hockey…

Toby Hardeman's crash sequence is animated into a GIF form. The wicked Camera Corner has striked again!

Otis Guy splashing through Cascade Creek, after Repack, on Otis Guy’s refurbished 1942 Schwinn Excelsior X with ten gears.

Joe Breeze splashing through Cascade Creek, after Repack, on Otis Guy’s 1944 Schwinn Excelsior X one-speed.

Steve Fox and crew from San Francisco’s KPIX Evening Magazine arrive in Jeep at the bottom of Repack, January 1979.

Gary Fisher waving a pair of new Ukai gold-anodized aluminum rims over his head. August 11, 1979. This is shortly after these first aluminum rims became available. Kent Bostick, right, background.

First place goes to Gary Fisher. (1977)

Repack impresario Charlie Kelly unleashes the booty to a cheering throng after Repack #18, October 1978.

The bottom of Repack. The post-race party continues and so does some last minute kibitzing. In lower-right corner Gary Fisher and others go over the finish times.
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