"I Ride With Pride"

The poem, "I Ride With Pride" heightens the anticipation and thrill of mountain biking.  If the cyclist does not get this extreme satisfaction from his ride, he might as well be a woman.

The poem "I Ride With Pride," written by Mike Russell genders mountain biking as a patriarchal sport.  The poem is made up of five stanzas.  The first four stanzas are two-lined rhyming couplets celebrating the fun and rush of mountain biking.  the last stanza made out of four lines with an ABCB rhyme scheme exclaims that if mountain bikng does not result in the ultimate thrill, one might as well change genders.  The voice of the poem appears to be male, as it discusses women as the "other."  As such, this poem seems to be declaring that mountain biking is only truly a man's sport.

Such cultural productions contributed to the idea that women could not be true "equals" of men in mountain biking.